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Second Opinions provide reassurance about your diagnosis and treatment

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45% of patients had a change in diagnosis and/or treatment options after their second opinion.

US Second Opinion survey.

How To Complete The Process For Cancer Second opinion

Commonly Requested Cancer Second Opinions

Only 12% receive confirmation that the original diagnosis was complete and correct – Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, 2017

Reassuring peace of mind

An online Second opinion is encouraged by all good physicians to ensure you are on the right treatment pathway.

Patients & Carers

Get supported through an online second opinion about your diagnosis and treatment plan without travelling for an appointment.

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Whether you are a referring Clinician or GP network, work with our cancer experts to ensure patients get the best cancer treatment possible.

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We have multiple packages that help employers and insurance companies to improve health wellness outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

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What is a Second Opinion?

Sometimes in cancer treatment, we need to make major decisions surrounding our medical treatment options, surgery and radiotherapy. When there is no clarity about these options, a second opinion is recommended. Any good clinician would support you for a second opinion and it would reassure you that you are on the right treatment path. Either way, it will assist you to make an informed decision on the best way forward.

Why take a second opinion?

Getting a second opinion is common practice and you should not feel concerned about offending your current team of doctors. Asking for a second opinion is very common within the Indian Healthcare system. It will help you to have peace of mind and be convinced that you are prescribed the appropriate treatment recommendations for your condition.

At Klarity Oncology, we believe you should think of a second opinion when