Klarity Oncology digital cancer platform helps to improve access and choice for patients living in the UK and Globally.
The platform helps patients to access diagnostics, online second opinions, cancer treatment solutions through our web and mobile application.

Our mobile application also allowed our patients to maintain health diary where they can log their symptoms and side effects post their treatment.

If you are looking for any of the above solutions then please get in touch with Klarity Team at oncology@getklarity.io for further information.

Firstly, download Klarity Oncology app from the App Store or Google Play and Register with Us.

We are open from Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm.

We work with best cancer centres and oncologists in the UK. Our website mentions our partners with whom we work with.

The consultants that you would see through through Klarity Oncology are all Oncologists in the UK, and they are GMC certified.

Prior to booking a appointment for a child, we have to confirm you are the child’s legal guardian. We would want you to upload a photo of one these documents

1. Birth Certificate
2. Passport
3. Formal adoption paper or certificate.

The document should include your name as parent or legal guardian

1. Press the booking Appointment tile on the mobile screen
2. Please complete the referral form and upload relevant documents
3. Submit this request and Klarity Team will get in touch with you with selection of Oncologists specific for your cancer type
4. Our team would confirm with you selection of the oncologist for your cancer type and cancer centre you intend to visit.
5. Confirm your choice and pay the consultation fee through the link provided by Team Klarity.
6. Complete and confirm your booking.
7. If it is face to face appointment then we would send you appropriate location and time to visit
8 If it is a video consultation then you will be in a private, confidential and appropriate setting at the time of the appointment.

All appointments are cancellable up to 72 hours prior to consultation.

Our dedicated case managers in the referral hub have years of experience and expertise working with oncologists across the cancer centres in the UK .

They call on their experience, expertiseand our search technology to identify the best qualified specialist based on patient’s medical condition and cancer type. You will have an option to choose the consultant to review your record to provide a detailed second opinion report.

Each clinicians profile would be sent to you before you decide to choose your consult. Please refer to our website to view his or her profile.

The first step is to register with us through our app.

Download the Klarity Oncology app on your mobile device from the App Store or Google Play.
Register your telephone number and then you will receive a passcode which you will need to enter the app.
You will then be asked to fill your personal details to get started.

You will need to send us scanned copies of your reports. These include any hospital discharge reports, blood tests, imaging reports (e.g. PET, MRI, CT, USG, etc.), histopathology reports (e.g. biopsy, etc.), genetic analysis, current list of your medications& any other relevant medical information. Providing us with all the relevant documents, reports and appropriate information will enable the consultant to provide you with the most appropriate second opinion.

Once we have received all your required documents and payments, we aim to provide you with your written report within 10 working days. This is to ensure highest quality, data protection and thorough review of your reports.

Your report would be provided directly from the organisation or consultant of your choice. This would include their expert opinion and recommendations for your treatment.

You can pay by credit or debit card online or through a bank transfer. We can also provide paypal link. Full advance payment is required to book a consult.

Please check with your insurance provider whether cancer second opinion is covered. We would be happy to provide you with any assistance that may be required.

We are unable to provide follow ups for second opinion reports. We suggest that you liaise with your local oncologist for further guidance and information.

We will make all the attempt to accommodate your request, however we cannot guarantee that a the consultant will be available to review your records. Regardless of which consultant reviews your case, you can be sure that he would be highly specialised in your cancer type.

We would be able to translate the medical records at an additional fee with your consent.

How many questions may my patient and I submit for the consultation?

You can submit up to three questions; any further questions will incur an additional fee.

Your report would be provided directly from the organisation or consultant of your choice. This would include their expert opinion and recommendations for your treatment. 

You can send us your records through going on to our referral page.  You can also contact our customer care team who can support you further.

You can share records and imaging/biopsy materials with Klarity Oncology in many ways. We do not accept paper copies for now except in exceptional circumstances

Digital options include:

Upload your records through referral page on our site

Uploading your records through Klarity oncology app

Email the records to oncology@getklarity.io

Check our pricing page for further details.

This would be unprecedented but if there are any grievances then please email to oncology@getklarity.io

We will provide you with quotes from different cancer centres so you can choose the right treatment place for treatment.

Our team would also assist you with payment plans, information prior to your visit and during your visit to the treatment centre.

You will be fully informed and supported during your medical visit to any of our associated organisations.

We are connected with the best medical concierge that would ensure all your health and travel needs are looked after.

Medical concierge offers comprehensive services with a compassionate approach and value experience for patients and their families.

From travel logistics, visas, transportation, hospitalisation and recovery, they provide end-to-end extraordinary care. Concierge offers comprehensive assistance for the complete wellness of the clients.


Send us your details through our referral section or email at oncology@getklarity.io. Once we have all your information and the choice of your country& centre, we would be able to provide you with a cost estimation for your treatment within 3 working days.

We normally provide three options for cancer treatment in the country of choice allowing you to choose according to speciality, costs and location.

We accept Visa, American Express and Mastercard payments. You can also pay us through Paypal. If you have private insurance policy then please check with your insurance provider whether you can claim back the cost of consultation.

No. Klarity Oncology should not be used to seek emergency medical assistance.

If you are in the UK then please call 999 and if you live abroad then call appropriate emergency services in your country.

You can store your medical records in the Klarity Oncology health diary.

Your consultation can be recorded in your medical record depending upon whether you and your consultant have agreed for the same.

Whilst booking anoncologist appointment through Klarity Oncology, you will be asked to give your consent to allow your Oncologist access to your medical records.

Unfortunately this test is not suitable.
You should see your GP directly