Our Mission

Patient Led. Transform Cancer Care. Support The Journey.

At Klarity Oncology we aim

Benefit of Our Technology

We want to make it easier for patients to access cancer care services while keeping control of their health through our technology solution.

Our AI led chronic disease health risk prediction tool can be used in primary, insurance and secondary care sector.

Whether you are in the UK or Aborad we help you plan your treatment, manage your bookings and get your questions answered through our one stop digital platform .

Take control of your health by monitoring your vitals, side effects and medications through our easy to use mobile app

Our Global Cancer Network


Access to 300+ Specialised Oncology Experts from UK & USA

Cancer Treatment Centres

Choose from 50+ World Class Treatment Centres in UK & USA

Our Global Presence

Our cancer network spans around 12+ countries and its ever growing. Speak to us to if you want to collaborate with us.

Insurance & Corporate Network

We are currently working with multiple insurers and corporate organisations across the globe to provide them with a customised solution.

Our Founders

We Work with

The Royal Marsden

HCA Healthcare

The Rutherford Cancer Centres

The Royal Marsden

Imperial Private Healthcare