Introduction: What is Leukaemia?

Leukaemia, or blood cancer, is characterised by abnormal white blood cells that grow and multiply uncontrollably. Leukaemia can be acute or chronic, depending on whether it is fast or slow-growing. It can be lymphocytic or myeloid, depending on the type of cancerous cells.


Chronic leukaemias develop slowly, and most people have no symptoms in the early stages. It is often diagnosed accidentally during a routine blood test. On the other hand, acute leukaemias tend to cause symptoms that may cause one to fall ill quickly.


How Is Leukaemia Treated?

Leukaemia treatment requires a multidisciplinary team of specialists and depends upon several factors, including the type and stage of leukaemia you have. After evaluating your diagnostic test reports, your doctor and medical team will determine the most suitable treatment options and plan for your leukaemia.


The standard treatment options for leukaemia are:


This is the first-line treatment for most leukaemias, especially acute myeloid leukaemia. Strong anti-cancer drugs are used to kill cancer cells and stop their growth. A combination of one or more drugs may be used. 


Chemotherapy is usually given in cycles, and your doctor will inform you about the schedule and regimen. Chemotherapy may cause side effects, so discuss their management with your doctor.


Targeted therapy uses drugs that can differentiate between healthy cells and abnormal cancer cells. The drugs used in this therapy identify and destroy cancer cells, resulting in minimal damage to healthy cells and subsequently lesser side effects.


This biological therapy uses drugs to stimulate the body’s immune cells to attack and destroy cancer cells.


  • Stem cell transplants

Leukaemia is characterised by abnormal blood cells. A stem cell or bone marrow transplant is commonly performed for advanced stages of leukaemia to replace the stem cells that give rise to abnormal blood cells. A heavy dose of chemotherapy is given before a transplant to kill all abnormal stem cells. The transplant is given intravenously, similar to a blood transfusion.


You may require immediate treatment if you have been diagnosed with acute leukaemia. Treatment for chronic leukaemias usually begins as an outpatient procedure, and you may not require urgent treatment.


Each treatment may have side effects. Your doctor will discuss factors you need to consider before making any treatment decision.


How Can Klarity Oncology Help?

Cancer care is complex and challenging. At Klarity Oncology, we understand the importance of urgent and affordable cancer care. We listen to your needs and support you throughout your journey. From booking appointments with private oncologists near you to helping you get priority appointments with top specialists in the UK, our team will help you all the way.

Leukaemia Treatment Cost in the UK

The cost of leukaemia treatment in the UK varies depending on where you choose to undergo the treatment. While public-funded hospitals and care centres are relatively affordable, treatment in private establishments may be expensive. 


The treatment cost for leukaemia in the UK depends upon the type of leukaemia and the treatment plan suggested by your doctor. You should discuss with your doctor and healthcare team your options and the time and cost involved before beginning your treatment.

How is Leukaemia Treatment Cost Calculated?

Besides queries and concerns regarding the disease, most people diagnosed with leukaemia also worry about the financial implications. We understand your worry. 


Your leukaemia treatment cost is calculated based on several factors, including:

  • Type and stage of leukaemia
  • Grade of the cancer
  • Its location
  • Treatment options
  • Hospital stay
  • Outpatient treatment cost
  • Number of chemotherapy cycles required
  • Travelling expenses for doctor visits, chemotherapy cycles
  • Diagnostic tests required during treatment
  • Medication costs
  • Additional treatments that may be required for symptom management


The cost you receive before your treatment begins is usually a rough estimate. Your leukaemia treatment cost may vary as your treatment progresses, depending on whether you require additional treatments and tests. 


Discuss coverage with your health insurance provider and what treatments are included in your policy. 


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