About Hodgkin Lymphoma 

Lymphomas are blood cancers that start in white blood cells or lymphocytes. There are two types of lymphoma– Hodgkin and Non-Hodgkin. Both these types of lymphomas have different characteristics and respond to treatments differently. 


Hodgkin lymphoma is a rare type of cancer in which the B lymphocytes begin to multiply abnormally and get collected or trapped in parts of the lymphatic system, such as the lymph nodes. It can begin in lymph tissue anywhere in the body.


Hodgkin lymphoma is of several types– each grows and spreads differently and requires different kinds of treatment. The two most common types of Hodgkin lymphoma are:

  • Classic Hodgkin lymphoma
  • Nodular lymphocytic-predominant Hodgkin lymphoma


This cancer affects people between 20 and 40 and those over 75.

When is Surgery Performed for Hodgkin Lymphoma?

Most people diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma are treated successfully. However, surgery is not used to treat Hodgkin lymphoma. You may have surgery to remove the lymph node affected by the lymphoma. 

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Hodgkin Lymphoma Surgery?

If your Hodgkin lymphoma has spread to lymph nodes, your doctor may recommend surgery. However, you must be healthy to undergo the procedure.

Hodgkin Lymphoma Surgery Cost in the UK

Since surgery is not the primary treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma and is not needed for all patients, the cost of surgery is affordable. It does not add to your treatment costs. However, your surgery cost (if required) will be more affordable if you undergo the procedure in a public hospital and if you have insurance coverage.

Other Treatments for Hodgkin Lymphoma

The type of treatment for your Hodgkin lymphoma depends upon the stage of your condition. The standard treatment options for Hodgkin lymphoma are:

This is one of the standard treatments for Hodgkin lymphoma and uses potent drugs to kill cancer cells. This treatment is given in cycles, and the combination of medications chosen for you depends upon several clinical factors.

If you have very early-stage Hodgkin lymphoma, you will require only a short course of chemotherapy, sometimes followed by radiation therapy. In advanced cases of Hodgkin lymphoma, your doctor may prescribe chemotherapy with steroids. If your Hodgkin lymphoma has recurred, you may need high-dose chemotherapy with a bone marrow transplant.

Radiotherapy is usually preferred in the early stages of Hodgkin lymphoma when the cancer is restricted to just one part of the body. It is given in short daily sessions. Though radiotherapy does not cause pain, it may cause some side effects that resolve after treatment completion.

  • Steroids

If the initial treatment has not worked, steroids may be given with chemotherapy in advanced Hodgkin lymphoma cases. The steroid medication is given intravenously at the same as the chemotherapy drug.

The treatment combinations vary for resistant or refractory Hodgkin lymphoma and relapsed cases of the condition. Your doctor and healthcare team will decide which treatment or combination of treatments you require for your Hodgkin lymphoma.

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