Prostate Cancer Screening Test

ProstateScreen is a unique easy to use at-home sample collection kit for Men aged 40+
Have you had a previous prostate cancer diagnosis

Why Prostate Screening is necessary?

Klarity’s cancer screening services are clinically governed by age restrictions, if you are not within the age range for a service you will not be able to sign up to that service. This is because clinical research does not support the benefits of screening people outside our specified age eligibilities. Regardless of age, if you have symptoms then you should always seek medical advice from your GP.

Why should I get checked for prostate cancer?

Almost 50% of all men are likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer with over 47,000 men being diagnosed in the UK every year. Prostate cancer is the most common caner in men in the UK yet currently the NHS does run a prostate cancer screening program. Symptoms of prostate cancer are usually only evident in the later stages of the disease making screening enormously important in protecting your health and identifying signs of prostate cancer in its early stages.

The prostate cancer screening test?

Klarity’s PSA (prostate specific antigen) test is a finger-prick blood sample collection kit that tests for Free and Total PSA.
There are some important guidelines to follow to ensure the accuracy of your results:
No ejaculation or strenuous exercise up to 48 hours before taking your sample.
Do not eat oily or rich food on the day that you take your sample.
Do not ride a bicycle on the day that you take your sample.
Drink plenty of fluid in the hours up to the time that you take your sample.

How does it work?

You will receive a sterile collection kit, which is sent to your home, containing easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Return your sample to the laboratory and you can expect your results within one week of the laboratory receiving your sample. Your results will be available in your Klarity member’s page. One of our clinical team will contact you to discuss your results and assist with any questions you may have.